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Bridge and Jib Cranes – Choosing the Correct Type for Your Work

The Bridge and Jib Cranes: How to Choose the Right Type of Crane

Bridge and Jib cranes have a wide variety of applications. Each system is set up with the operator in mind and focuses on ease of motion which in turn leads to lower fatigue and ensures accurate load positioning. Quality materials and expert construction guarantee functional reliability and security while facilitating long life and minimum upkeep.

Our bridge cranes are equipped with track styles that combine high strength with lightweight materials. The ‘V’ shaped profile of the running track keeps the trolleys and end truck aligned and provides the added benefit of preventing dirt from accumulating inside the tracks. Machined wheels with crowned tread and sealed bearings ensure absolute minimum rolling resistance while providing long functional life.

Soft wall partitions enable you to rapidly create separated locations in your storage center, plant, or other industrial location. I

What is a Jib Crane?

Jib cranes are ideal for the warehouse, distribution center, and other similar facilities that require the ability to transport a large crane with a comparatively low number of staff. Typically used for transferring large loads such as wall panels or pallet jacks, a jib crane is one of the more versatile types of cranes in terms of lifting and maneuvering.

How to Choose the Right Jib Crane?

In order to make an informed decision about the best Jib Crane for your site, it is critical that you first understand the types of jib cranes and how they function. The most common types of jib cranes in operation today are the 1 & 2 stage lift jibs, jib cranes, and a generalized jib crane, each of which is likely to work in specific ways for specific applications.

What are the Benefits of Using a Bridge Crane?

A bridge crane is a critical piece of equipment for the industrial and infrastructure sectors. Bridge cranes are equipped with the necessary features and benefits required to support the day-to-day functions of industrial facility maintenance teams.

This crane can help you to create a safe and well-defined work area, for example by facilitating precise and accurate maintenance work. The crane helps to facilitate effective placement of heavy loads with the added benefit of preventing damage to the load, as well as keeping surrounding structures safe from any potential strikes.

The Bridge crane offers long lifecycle durability. Every crane is designed with features such as rubber track boots for reduced friction, sealed bearings, lightweight materials, and a special nosing design.


The customers and clients that we encounter indicate that industrial cranes are here to stay. Although industrial cranes of today are much easier and faster to operate than ever before, crane operators still remain the main point of contact for their industrial facilities. Moving industrial cranes are fast, simple, and efficient with great service support. The technology available today makes them truly the future of cranes. Bridge and Jib Cranes can provide more support for your business.

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